I am a painter living in Greece, where I work in oils on canvas and in watercolour on paper. I paint in a colourful semi abstract style. My work is shown  in Athens, Crete and elsewhere. When living in Scotland I exhibited in galleries throughout the UK.  My paintings are in collections including in the UK House of Commons Art Collection.

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camille in Greece

Camille in her studio, Athens, Greece

Artist Statement

My painting has evolved over the years,  to a marriage between abstraction and figuration.  Particularly in oil painting I use abstraction to convey mood, tensions and feelings.

I also enjoy painting in watercolour. In the pipeline is a new series of semi abstract sketches on the theme of ‘Keep It In The Ground’. Watch this space!

Sketching outdoors in Crete in watercolour or acrylic is a welcome challenge. In Active Crete outdoors workshops I am leading other artist participants. https://activecrete.gr/painting-holiday


A recurrent theme is landscape or birds and animals under threat because I care so much about conservation of the environment.  I love being ‘close to Nature’ as the Greeks say. This means literally being out in the countryside but also conveys that ancient sense of holding nature sacred. Another theme that I return to is of faces of people in profile. The influence has come from archaic Ancient Greek pottery drawing.