Landscape oil paintings

  • Halcyonic Gulf, Greece
    Halcyonic Gulf, Greece
    40×40 cms £350
  • Swallows at Sunset
    Swallows at Sunset
    oil painting 65 x 75 cms  900 pounds
  • Deer in New Landscape
    Deer in New Landscape
    oil on canvas  51×60 cms  £950
  • Moon on the Mountain
    Moon on the Mountain
    oil on canvas box 30x30x4 cms 2015   Private Collection
  • Cityscape
    Cityscape oil on canvas 40×40 cms £400
  • Lanark Falls, W. Scotland
    Lanark Falls, W. Scotland
    75×75 cms  oil on canvas  £1,100
  • Mermaid at Zennor, Cornwall, UK
    Mermaid at Zennor, Cornwall, UK
    Based on the legend of the good mermaid in this wet part of the country, where tin is found in the black rocks  40×40 cms £550
  • St. Ives, Cornwall UK
    St. Ives, Cornwall UK
    40×40 cms £550
  • Outside the Window, England
    Outside the Window, England
    25×30 cms
  • Herons Disappearing
    Herons Disappearing
    Oil on Linen 30 x 50 cms  £300
  • Ghosts of Fish
    Ghosts of Fish
    Oil on Linen 60 x 70 cms  £1,100
  • After the Fire, Daytime
    After the Fire, Daytime
    20×20 cms  £180
  • After The Fire On The Mountain, Night
    After The Fire On The Mountain, Night
    20×20 cms  £180
  • Sunset on the Peninsula, Greece
    Sunset on the Peninsula, Greece
    40×40 cms £550 Private Collection
  • Winter Landscape
    Winter Landscape
    oil paint on canvas 24×32 cms £250
  • Greek Winter Landscape
    Greek Winter Landscape
    20×26 cms  Commission
  • Red Sky
    Red Sky
    Oil paint on handmade paper 20×20 cms £90
  • Spring Landscape Abstract
    Spring Landscape Abstract
    oil on box canvas 30x30x4 cms £350
  • Spring In The City
    Spring In The City
    40 x 40 cms Private Collection
  • Spring In The Gorge
    Spring In The Gorge
    40 x 40 cms 400 pounds
  • Fishing in the Halcyonic Gulf
    Fishing in the Halcyonic Gulf
    Private Collection
  • Porto Germeno, Greece
    Porto Germeno, Greece
    25×30 cms  Private Collection
  • Fire on Mainland Greece
    Fire on Mainland Greece
    45×70 cms
  • Falasarna, Crete
    Falasarna, Crete
    50×70 cms  Private Collection
  • Summer Garden
    Summer Garden
    62 x 62 cms  oil on canvas  Private Collection
  • East Coast of Scotland
    East Coast of Scotland
    oil on linen 63 x 63 cms Private Collection
  • Sunset From Hmittos Mountain
    Sunset From Hmittos Mountain
    18×25 cms £200
  • Hmittos
    25×30 cms
  • Village Street, Crete
    Village Street, Crete
    25×30 cms  Private Collection
  • Hmittos Mountain
    Hmittos Mountain
    25×30 cms Private Collection