Solo exhibitions

2023 December Athens at Agios Nikolaos Ragavas church house

2022 July exhibition, Cherethiana, Chania, Crete

2020 Exhibition at Skali Art space, Athens (postponed due to Covid)

2018 At Home solo Exhibition in Athens

2015 At Home solo Exhibition in Athens

2002 solo exhibition, The Digby Gallery, Mercury Theatre Colchester

2002 solo exhibition, The Hellenic Centre, London

1999 Pigs’ Bistro, Edinburgh

1997 Solo Exhibition, Dunedin Gallery, Edinburgh

1995 Solo Exhibition, Library Gallery, University of Surrey, Guildford

1991 Solo Exhibition, University of Surrey, Guildford, as part of Guildford Festival

Group exhibitions

2024 March/April at The Luminous Eye Gallery, Athens

2023 Online exhibition  ‘Home’ for The Green Gallery, Brussels

2023 ‘The Day of the Dead’ at The European Centre, Mitropoleos 74, Athens

2023  ‘Paper2 Athens’ at the EUROPEAN CENTRE , 74 Mitropoleos St.

2022   ‘New Reality 2’ at Chili Art Gallery, Athens, November -December

2022 Salzburg Art Number 23

2022  SKG BAZAART Thessaloniki 19th to 21st April

2022  ENERGY 2022 exhibition at European Centre for Architecture and   Art,  74 Mitropoleos, Athens

2022   EVTOPIA exhibition at Chili Art Gallery, Athens, Greece, January

2021 the holy art HUMANISM Athens Exhibition-September

2021 ARTNumber23 Athens Exhibition- July

2021 Online exhibition with ARTNUMBER23-March

2020 Athens Open Art Exhibition

2010 Christmas Exhibition, Lloyd Gill Gallery, Weston Super Mare

2005 Opening Exhibition, August Gallery, Brenchley, Kent

2004 ‘Art of Love’, Online Exhibition, Online into 2005

2003 Calling Cards, Buckenham Galleries, Southwold

2002 Nevill Gallery, Canterbury

2001 Sable Gallery, Gold Gallery, Hanover Fine Arts, Dundas Street, Edinburgh

2000 DFN Gallery, New York; invited

2000 Hanover Fine Arts 25th Anniversary Exhibition, Edinburgh

2000 Four Square, for four women artists, Bridgeview, Aberdeen

2000 ABC Goes Public, Edinburgh College of Art and touring to Bridgeview, Aberdeen

1999 WASPS Open Weekend Event, Edinburgh

1999 Winter 1999, Nexus Gallery, Edinburgh

1999 The Unknown Gallery, Edinburgh Festival

1999 Hanover Fine Arts, Summer Exhibition, Edinburgh

1998 WASPS Open Weekend Arts Event (artist on organising committee)

1996 Mixed Exhibitions: Nevill Gallery, Canterbury, Kent; City Gallery, London; Compass Gallery, Glasgow; Leith Gallery, Edinburgh; Stenton Gallery, East Lothian; Hanover Fine Arts, Edinburgh; Shimrod Gallery, Sheffield

1996 Edinburgh Festival, WASPS